Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't follow me

If you like order and direction this may not be your post today. First, let's start with the debacle at Safeco last night. It looked like the Everett AquaSox were playing the Indians last night, not the Mariners. Come on guys, you lose 12-1 in your home opener? Sad way to play last night. Also last night, the Mariners re-introduced the "green" alternate jersey. I'm sorry, but it's more of an electric blue to me. Here's the new one:

And here is a pic of them back in 1995 looking much more teal to me:

Speaking of good looking uniforms, I like the fact that the Angels wore their older looks for the home opener. In honor of their 50th year, I think they should wear these all year.

Also a big congratulations goes out to a great team guy. Chipper Jones got his 2500th hit in the Braves home opener last night. Great accomplishment for a great guy named Larry.

A big sigh of relief I'm sure is being breathed in Tampa Bay. It only took a week in the season, but the Rays have rid themselves of Manny. He abruptly retires when there's a chance he gets popped a second time for 'roids. I think it is good for the game that these guys get weeded out and we back to playing the game the right way. Bye bye Manny, don't come back with your lame act.

Nice job by the Red Sox to get off the losing pile with a win against the Yankees. Lord knows the NY fans would have continued to pound you if you lost again.

Good luck to the Wolverines today. The Michigan hockey team will go for the Championship today against Minnesota-Duluth.

I don't get to watch much college hockey since it's never on TV, but I will watch the Frozen Four and root for my team if they are in it. GO BLUE!!

Finally, good luck to my son's baseball team today. We might actually get a game in today. Only two games played and five rain outs. Let's win a game and play hard today boys. GO RAINIERS!!

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  1. Go Blue! Great first period--and love the pro-michigan post