Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The tension is mounting...

I really cannot figure this team out! Is our offense really that bad, or are the pitchers that good? I'm starting to think the offense is asleep at the wheel. I would really love this from the offense:

I would even settle for this to get the job done:

What I'm getting from this team is pathetic. I know that this is a small ball team, and they need to manufacture runs, but you can't score if you don't get on base. Three hits was all we could manage yesterday. You are supposed to win your home opener, not get shut out! This is what our offense is giving us right now:

Even the starting pitcher does his job and can't get help from the defense. Ryan Rowland-Smith goes 7 innings, only gives up three hits, unfortunately walks five and strikes out 1, but would have been down 2-0 if not for the defense. Cather Rob Johnson cannot hold on to a foul tip into the glove which lead to Single that Milton Bradley tries to bare hand and over runs for an extra run to score. I hope that they can start to turn it around and we can get behind this year's slogan: BELIEVE BIG!!

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