Saturday, April 17, 2010

Airbrush me please...

As we all know, Topps has a habit of airbrush guys on to new teams before they play for those teams. This year's Mariners are no exception. With GM Jack Zduriencik makes many moves in the off-season Topps had to keep up with all the new players. First, the one player that has been with the Mariners, Adam Moore:
Series 1 card #33, and team set #SEA17. The team set is on top, and series 1 on the bottom
Even the side photo on the back is different.
Next is our new second baseman Chone Figgins. On the left series 1 #141, and on the right team set #SEA16. Just a simple airbrush change of the uniforms.
Now we have our pitcher that everyone is waiting to see, Cliff Lee. His cards are the same as Figgins, simple uni change. On the left #SEA15, and on the right series 1 #132.
Our temperamental left fielder was the subject of the not so hidden Abe Lincoln this year. He also had his uniform airbrushed to look like he has played for the M's. On the top is series 1 card #306, and on the bottom is #SEA4.
The last player that has a card in series 1 that was airbrushed is catcher Josh Bard. Josh is currently with AAA Tacoma, so I'm not totally sure what Topps was thinking on him. I guess they thought he was going to be the starting catcher? On the left #SEA6, and on the right series 1 #63. Just another simple uni change.
Last card we have that is different is first baseman Casey Kotchman. This card I don't like at all! If you look in the background you can see his Red Sox teammates from last year, and the Mainers road grays look awful. Casey is scheduled to appear in series 2 with card #634. I'm assuming they will be using a picture from spring training to make it look real, or will he still be on a Red Sox card?? This is the card from the team set #SEA8.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the differences, and look for the changes to your team's Topps cards this year for some fun.


  1. Very cool post, i just bought the O's team set and did a comparison in my living room but it never transferred to the blog. Good stuff!

  2. I've got 2010 Josh Bard cards coming out the wazoo. Three from 12 packs. Unfortunately, they're all Nationals cards.

    I just wish Topps had stated on the back of the packs with the rest of the odds "Odds of pulling a Josh Bard base card: 1 in 4"