Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog Bat Around

As you may or may not know, Gellman over at Sports Card Uncensored has decided to start up the bat around again. The question this time is: if you had $50,000 and 15 minutes on eBay, what would you blow it on? I don't know if I could do it in 15 minutes, but here's what I'm looking to buy with the free money.

First I needed to but the 3 RC's from my favorite all-time player:

1983 Topps Tony Gwynn RC 9.5 BGS $49.99

This card would be the crown jewel of my collection. I have always liked Tony, and to own his RC's would be a dream come true.

1983 Donruss Tony Gwynn RC 9.5 BGS $49.99

The second of the RC's from 1983. Who knew then that a skinny little guy like that would be one of the greatest hitters of our time.

1983 Fleer Tony Gwynn Rc 9 BGS $44.99

I don't normally buy graded cards, nor do I own one but I needed to get big dollars and blow the 50k. The Tony trifecta would be complete.

Tony Gwynn Auto Jersey $110.00

While it is not a GU jersey, I don't care. I want an autographed jersey to go with the RC's. Just look at that sweet, fluid autograph. AWESOME!!

Tony Gwynn Auto bat from hit #2997 $9900.00

This is the bat that got hit 2997. One of only three grand slams in Tony's career. It would like look so sweet next to the autographed ball I already own.

Auto Ken Griffey Jr/ Sr Jersey $3850.00

Although I am not a big Griffey fan, I figured I had to go with something from the Mariners. Why not get something I can turn around and sell to a Griffey fan.

Seattle Pilots Home Game one Ticket Stub $275.00

As a history fan, and a baseball fan I think it would be cool to have a ticket from the first MLB game in Seattle. I wasn't alive yet, but very much like the history of it.

99 card set of 69, 70 Topps, and Renata Galasso Pilots team sets $5.51

I decided since I added the Pilots to the super set, I might as well get all the Pilots cards I can get.

1954 Topps Hank Aaron graded 9 $6600.00

I decided I had to go with a little vintage, and why not a card from the greatest home run hitter of all time( not you, Barry Bonds!!).

Auto Derek Jeter 2008 Jersey $899.99

Although I do not like the Yankees, my son is a big Derek Jeter fan. I think this would look good hanging up framed in his bedroom.

Nolan Ryan GU jersey $12499.99

I liked the Ryan Express. I know I over payed big time on this thing, but I was distracted by the pretty colors. I did like this uni's back in the day.

Original home dugout from the Kingdome $8999.99

Don't ask me why I would buy this, or where the heck I would put it. It just brings back many memories of games in that old building for me.

Patrick Marleau auto jersey $299.99

I really have to have something from my favorite hockey team. Why not a jersey from my favorite player. GO SHARKS!!

Autographed 2009 Saints helmet $1924.99

This helmet is signed by over 50 players and coaches from last year's Super Bowl winning team. Having a friend that once played for the Saints, and knowing a lot of the players still on the team, this would be special.

Autographed Pearl Jam Guitar $3499.99

This thing is signed by all 5 members of the band. not an easy thing to accomplish. As a huge PJ fan, I would love this. Whether you like their music or not, this is too cool.

All in all, my grand total only comes to $49010.42. I think I will use the other $990 to take my wife out for a night on the town. I can't leave her out of this whole thing. That was a fun little shopping spree.

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