Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tonight's the night!

No I'm not talking about the god awful song that Genesis did long ago. Tonight is the first start of the season for Ryan Rowland-Smith. I see big things coming for the big leftie from Newcastle, Australia. I think he will solidify himself as the #3 starter this year and have an awesome year. Let's hope he doesn't prove me wrong against the A's tonight. Go get 'em Ryan, and let's get a win!


  1. That heading didn't make me think of made me think of the Spice Girls hahaha.

    "Tonight is the niiight...when 2 become oneeeee..."

    Lolol. I think you're right about Rowland-Smith though. He's a good dude.

  2. I guess the other possibility would be the old song by Rod Stewart too. Man, I think I just showed how old I'm getting. HAHA

  3. He managed to put up a fairly solid start today, it would be good to see him put up some good numbers, if only because it would make that rotation even more ridiculous.
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  4. It's been a VERY frustrating start for the Mariners. They should take 3 out of 4 against Oakland. Can't afford to let the weakest team in the division own them.

    I'm watching the Orioles and Mariners and rooting like mad but so far they are 2-5 combined so there's been a lot of worry here!