Sunday, February 12, 2012

Willie caught a Brooklyn subway in New Mexico

Not long ago I set up a deal with Corey of Classon Ave. I sent some Tim Wallach's for his other blog. I also included some other Topps sets needs. I was supposed to send him a '83 Fleer Ryne Sandberg RC that started the deal. He didn't get it, and I can't find it. Did I missend it to somebody else??

Corey did send me some Mariners I needed during that deal that helped knock down the Mariners collection. I got home yesterday and there was a PWE in the mail. Corey decided to send a couple of Willie's for the Pops PC. It had a great hand written note saying one was well loved, and the note even used my Six Degrees idea from the 1979 Topps Blog.

Big thanks from my son Andrew who is the new Pops fan, and also from me for cards for a PC we both are proud to be building. I think the end of this post needs an old school Expos logo for Corey and his Tim Wallach love.

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