Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baseball on vacation

How fun is it to get away for awhile and still have the love of baseball around you? We had been spending the last few days in the So Cal desert enjoying the sun. My son and I did get to play golf at PGA West's Nicklaus course.

Yesterday started the second leg of the trip. We moved onto Anaheim and later Hollywood. Today is Disneyland, but last night we decided to walk to dinner. They put in the back corner of the restaurant near two long tables with pre made menus. We got to meet and say hello to the Wildcats. They were on their way from Bakersfield to play in San Diego this weekend. Nice highlight to a great week so far.


  1. Hope you're having a fun trip, it sounds like a good time.

    Just was trying to get in touch with you about the cards you requested on my blog. I have the sets put aside that you inquired about, as well as some Mariners cards. Please get in touch with at salsmanado at gmail dot com

  2. shoot me an email. I have some Mariners cards from your list. They are yours free. Just need an address.
    Johngy1 at aol