Sunday, February 26, 2012

Retro Mariner Sunday 2/26/12

The year was 1989, and Mariners would leave Arizona to start their season. They would have some new rookies to kick off the year. One was much hyped to be the greatest outfielder of all-time. The other was a little infielder no one knew too much about. That outfielder has retired, but the shortstop named "Little O" is still around. Omar will turn 45 this April!

Omar was a part of the building of the Mariners run of teams that would have success in the 90's. Omar would spend all of the 1989 season as a Mariner. For some reason, management didn't think that he should start the season in Seattle, and he would play in AAA Calgary until the start of July. By not being with the Mariners, he missed being a part of Randy Johnson's no-hitter in June of that year. Omar would be redeemed by making the final out of Chris Bosio's no-no on April 22, 1993. That would be the year he would win his first Gold Glove. On December 20th of that year, he was traded to Cleveland for Felix Fermin, Reggie Jefferson, and cash. In the 1993 draft, the M's drafted Alex Rodriguez and Felix was the stop gap until Alex was ready.

Omar would really come into his own in his 12 years as an Indian. He would help them to the World Series, win many of his 11 Gold Gloves, and become an icon for defensive shortstops. Omar has moved onto other teams, but they just don't look right to me. I never really could get used to him as a member of the San Francisco Giants.

He didn't really look right as a Texas Ranger either.

I continue to forget that he spent the last two years in Chicago as a White Sox.

This year, Omar has signed on with the Toronto Blue Jays. I hope that he can stay healthy and have some consistency with them. It would be cool to see him actually be able to get some hits this year. Omar currently sits 159 hits away form the magical number of 3000. I hope for the sake of history, for old time Mariner fans, and Tribe fans that Omar can get to 3000, and cement his place for a future date with Cooperstown.


  1. I was happy when the Sox signed him a few years back just because we had a young shortstop and figured he could help him out. He ended up filling in for injuries and had a pretty great season. Even though he played for the Sox, I always will think of him as an Indian. That's when I started watching him.

  2. On that Upper Deck card, he is hoping a line drive doesn't hit him in the nards.