Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who's this guy??

Today in the mail was a small bubbler from the great Night Owl. He sent me a few new 2012 Mariners I needed. One that struck me was this one:

Looks like Franklin in the home teals with the patch in rememberance of the late great Dave Niehaus. What struck me was the back:

Since when did Guti pitch, and when did he play for the M's and the Nationals last year?? It seems as though Topps has let their proof reading slip again. The blurb at the bottom talks about him, it's just the middle part that seems way off whack. The career stats on the back of his card are for Nationals reliever Sean Burnett. It seems odd that Sean doesn't even have a card in Series 1 for a mistake to be made. I for one am calling shenanigans on Topps once again for puting out another goofy card. I don't know if anyone has seen a card with Franklin's correct stats or not. Do I need to find the corrected card for my collection too?

Big thanks to the nighttime Dodger loving bird from the East Coast for helping me out as always!!


  1. That seems like a completely random thing to have messed up. I wonder how that happens. There must be an intern at Topps that really wants Sean Burnett's career to live on.

  2. Wow, that's stupid.

    I didn't catch that because I'm so unimpressed with 2012 Topps I've barely bothered to look at the backs.