Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Put it on the wall

Have you been to other ballparks? Do you want to remember you experiences? I usually do when we get to experience a new stadium. While I have been to Safeco Field many, many times it is fun to go to other's homes and see the game on the road.

I've always thought the best way is to frame my tickets from the game and keep them for all to see. I've only been to a few different stadiums with my son and wife. It is a memory we won't forget ever from each one.

The first one we ever went to was Yankee Stadium in it's final year. I didn't even care who they were playing when my wife had a chance to get the tickets. We found afterwards that they would be playing my Mariners. The pinstripes were done by me with a navy blue pen and a ruler to give it that Yankee feel.

For my son's birthday in 2010, we decided to surprise him with a trip to Beantown. Thankfully less than a week after his birthday, the Mariners were making a trip to Boston. While it was a cold, rainy night and the Mariners got beat again we got to see historic Fenway Park. I decided the background had to be red for the Sox, right?

Finally, last year we made a trip down to the Bay Area for my birthday. I really wanted to go to AT&T Park to watch the Giants. We figured out the rotation, and realized we would miss local boy Tim Lincecum by a day. Much to my delight, the Giants decided to pitch him on Saturday instead when we were attending. I decided to include the Imagine No Violence button they were handing out that night.

We are hoping to make another trip again this summer or early fall. Probably somewhere on the West Coast due to other commitments this summer. Where have you been away from home, and where would you really like to go to see a game whether you team is there or not??


  1. This is cool! I have a large frame with random Yankee tickets from over the years. I hate that most tickets now are print-offs and not hard tickets. Not as cool of a keepsake.

  2. Those look really cool framed. Besides Dodger Stadium, I have been to a handful of other ones. I have been to the old Yankee Stadium, the old Vet in Philly, Citizens Bank Park, Angel Stadium, and Camden Yards. You should check out Dodger Stadium on your next trip.