Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hit or Miss??

I really can't tell which one is the real player. This guy has had a breakout in the last month. But it is definitely not the player we saw in AAA Tacoma or Seattle.

Michael Morse came to the Mariners in 2004 with Miguel Olivo from the White Sox for Freddy Garcia. While continually bouncing up and down, Morse had a hard time finding a consistent position and playing time. While originally drafted and playing as a shortstop in the minors, Mike was growing as a player. The Mariners had a possible shortstop of the future( ha ha) in Yuniesky Betancourt. Michael would start learning new positions to broaden his chances.

Michael was toiling in Tacoma when manager Daren Brown called him into his office in 2009. Mike thought he was going back up to Seattle. Nope, he had been dealt to the Nationals for Ryan Langerhans. While continuing to bounce between Washington and AAA Syracuse, Michael was starting to wonder if he was going to stick or not. The Nationals were young and still trying to make it. In May, the Nationals nearly released Mike. With the injury to Adam LaRoche, Michael has seen ample playing time and is hitting the ball well. Let's hope at 29, the prospect that has waited has arrived.


  1. Great story. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea of the back story, but he's doing quite well on my fantasy team at the moment!

  2. I always thought Mike Morse looked pretty good at the plate when he was with the M's. Didn't he shatter his leg our something awful, that kept him off the team? If I remember right, I think that injury helped scare the M's away. We could really use his bat now.

    Too bad it never worked out in Seattle for him.