Saturday, June 11, 2011

HELP! I need somebody

Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone, HELP! OK, enough with the Beatles lyrics. Let's talk Topps Series 2 for a minute. As most people know things happen in the east first. I know that everybody is posting about Series 2, but I haven't seen it yet way up here in the corner of the map. Now that it is out, it has come for the time again when I beg and plead with all the great bloggers to help out a Mariners fan with their extra cards from Series 2. Here is the checklist cards I will be looking for:

333 Tom Wilhelmsen

362 Doug Fister

385 Ichiro

399 Adam Moore

402 Jack Cust

403 Felix Hernandez( just need a base card, not gold)

468 Chone Figgins(just need a base card, not gold)

477 Franklin Gutierrez

483 Justin Smoak (just need 1 card, not 2)

530 Felix Hernandez (just need a base card, not gold)

589 Mariners Team Card

595 Michael Pineda

618 Josh Lueke

624 Luke French
all photos of Series 2 cards courtesy of eBay

If anyone comes across extras of these or just doesn't want them, I can use them for the Super Set. Thanks again to everyone in the blog world for the help that will come in making this happen.


  1. Hey, super busy today, but I posted a "for trade" list on my side bar for Topps 2011 Series 2, if you want to go through it and tell me if there are any that you want, e-mail me the list and I'll pull them.

  2. I was in a group break, got the Mariners and don't need most of the cards. They haven't arrived yet but i'll be sure to message you when they arrive.