Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beg and you shall receive

Not long ago, I asked for the usual help to start making my way through the Mariners in Series 2. As of right now there is one less card needed. Thanks to ...Joe at The Sandlot, I now have my first card from Series 2. Welcome home Mr. Bedard:

I didn't have time to scan the card

Also, I have an offer that has come to me to complete this thing already. I'm going to get in contact with that awesome blogger, and I will let everyone know how that works out. If it is that simple again to knock these sets out, the blog land is an awesome place.

The train has come off the track in Seattle. We can't hit the ball or score runs to save our lives. If it wasn't for one bad 1st inning, we might have had a chance. Here is the tough luck Chuck from last night:

Doug Fister has the lowest run support in the AL this year. This poor guy pitches well, but has to be perfect or will lose because his offense doesn't help him. Let's salvage one tonight with Erik Bedard on the bump.

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