Monday, June 20, 2011

Hanging with the Stars

It seems as though all my free time has been spent coaching my son's All Star baseball team. I'm not complaining though, it has been the funnest experience. This team has gelled quickly and is playing good ball. We have also kind of had the cavalcade of former players in our midst. A couple of weeks ago in our manager's back yard we played the son of this guy:

Not only did we play against Mike Blowers' son, Mike showed up for part of the game. He also had great things to say about having a field of dreams in your backyard. Last week our team finished 2nd in our tournament. While his son was playing in a tournament for kids that were a little older, we find out that in our midst was The Bone-Jay Buhner.

After finishing 3rd in our tourney yesterday, we lost to a team coached by this former Mariner.

Dan Wilson was the first base coach for his son's Pony League All Star team. I wouldn't have probably recognized Dan at first if someone wouldn't have pointed him out.

It is great to see the former players involved in their kids sports and helping the teams. Nice work guys!

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  1. Cool deal! I wouldn't get tired of running into those guys across any baseball diamond.