Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome home Mr. Murphy

I recently had been having a back and forth e-mail exchange with Steve of the Greatest 21 Days. He had said to me that he saw I had the 1980 and 1983 Topps Dale Murphys on the Prime 9(see sidebar) but didn't have a 1882 listed. He asked if I already had one, and I said no I just had those two up first because I always loved the design of those years. Well look what comes in the mail yesterday:

Also included were some 1988 Fleer Mariners I need for the Super Set, and a whole slew of Mariners minor league cards from his 1990 CMC set. There are Calgary Cannons, Williamsport Bills, and San Bernadino Spirit cards all in there. Nice to look back and see who made it and who didn't. Thank you again Steve. If anyone has any extra Murph's, any Willie Stargell, or David Ortiz(for my son) cards laying around that need a good home let me know and I would love to trade for them.

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