Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tops of the Topps 1986-1990

Here we are back again for another five year trip down Topps memory lane. Some of these are pretty good, some are less than stellar.

1986 Roy Thomas
Roy looks like he's thinking "I'm getting older and I have to play with this bunch of kids?" Sorry for you Roy.

1986 Traded Pete Ladd
I'm sorry if you don't like it, but the curls and the aviator glasses is a genuine mid 80's look. We all wanted to look like that back in the day.

1987 Jim Beattie
Jim looks out at spring training play and wonders, "I've been with team how long and we still can't improve? I'm eventually going to the front office in Montreal and Baltimore instead."

1987 Traded Bill Wilkinson
I don't want my picture taken. I'm going to hold my breath until you leave me alone.

1988 Donell Nixon
Look deep into my eyes. You're getting sleepy...very sleepy...sleepy...

1988 Traded Jim Snyder
I finally became a manager and I only go 45-60. I guess I'm getting fired at the end of the year. Oops.

1989 Henry Cotto
You have to love the flip down sunglasses around the neck and the mesh back spring training hat. Classic.

1989 Traded Jeffrey Leonard
Hey Griffey, let me teach you how to make this backwards hat thing popular. The kids will love this look on you. I know everyone was expecting me to pick Junior's card here, weren't you??

1990 Jerry Reed
I always laugh and think he was Snowman from Smokey and the Bandit, but nope he was our pitcher.

1990 Traded Brent Knackert
Hey Topps, I'm glad to see that from 1977 to 1990 to 2010 your airbrushing skills are sub-par. I've seen some that look decent, but how hard is it to make a yellow S. Please explain this to me.

Next around we will look at 1991- 1995. Some of the cards will get better, some will not. I'm just weird that way.


  1. It's not so much the yellow S as it is the drop shadow for the 3-D effect.

    I loved those hats, though. It may be sacrilige to prefer them over the Trident M design, but I do. Maybe it's because of the 3-D effect. Or maybe it's because the Mariners started to get good wearing them (and by "good", I mean close to playing .500 ball)

    Word verification: dante (no bichette)

  2. Pete Ladd had one of my favorite quotes about playing a career away from the spotlights.

    "There was a Pete Ladd fan club during my time in Milwaukee. I met both members."