Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tops of the Topps 1981-1985

Back again for another look at my picks for tops of the Topps cards for the Mariners. Let's start with 1981 and work our way through 1985 shall we?

1981 Team Card
This was an easy choice given that this was the last year Topps did a team card with a team picture, and a checklist on the back. That's a hint Topps, let get back on track with a few things.

1981 Traded Gary Gray
Gary looks like someone just farted, or if playing for the Rangers, Indians, and now the Mariners which is worse.

1982 Bob Galasso
When was this picture taken?? The Mariners quit wearing these uniforms after the 1980 season. The only time he was with the Mariners in those uniforms was 1977.

1982 Traded Jim Essian
Jim looks OK in one of those classic Spring Training photo shoot poses. Nice wristbands though.

1983 Gene Nelson
I'm not exactly sure where or when this photo was taken, but either the M's were getting it handed to them, or it was brutally hot. Gene is sweating like a pig here.

1983 Traded Steve Henderson
It looks like Steve, but are we really sure? Very poor photo choice Topps. Let try a little harder next time.

1984 Jamie Nelson
It's a little hard to hit when your stance is that far apart. I guess that's why you only hit .219

1984 Traded Alvin Davis
Easy choice of my FAVORITE Mariner player of all time. How could I not pick his rookie card?

1985 Edwin Nunez
Is it just me, or does it look like that pitch hurt to throw? I'm hoping it was a good fastball.

1985 Traded Jim Presley
There were only two traded cards in 1985, but I do like the grays. I don't think he made a productive out on this play.

Next time around we will dive into the years of 1986-1990. It could get better, or it might tailspin out of control. Only the cards know where we will go. Stay tuned...


  1. That had to be taken spring of 1978, and just sat in the Topps file after Galasso was released.

    And even though it's a different style and he wore a different uni number, I guess Topps thought the kids wouldn't care.

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  3. I never noticed the Galasso card before.

    The Nelson photo was taken at Yankee stadium. The background in the photo is very distinctive.

  4. I don't have a lot of '85 cards, but I do have that Ed Nunez. And yes, I've always thought that look on his face was quite amusing.

    I hope we're not looking at a ulnar collateral ligament injury in progress...