Monday, November 15, 2010

An idea borrowed with permission

I have recently been inspired by Steve over at White Sox Cards. He has been doing a retrospective of the top Topps cards for his White Sox in 10 year sets. I asked if I had his blessing to steal his idea for the Mariners. He was willing to let me run with it, so here is the first years of Topps Mariners and why the were the best of that year, in my opinion.

1977 Rick Jones
I picked this card because all the hats were airbrushed in the 77 set, but Rick looks like he was airbrushed too.

1978 Jose Baez
The look on Jose's face just screams Bad Ass. He has that look like "Don't mess with me man!"

1979 Enrique Romo
Dude, you are how old and you still have your name on your glove in Magic Marker. Do you lose it alot??

1980 Bryon McLaughlin
You have to wonder the photographers made him stay in position to get the pose right. I'm sure his leg was getting tired.

Next up will be 1981-1990 Topps, including the traded sets.

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  1. How did that Rick Jones card ever escape me until now?

    That is fantastic. It gives the '78 Mike Paxton (also seemingly a total painting) a run for its money.