Sunday, November 28, 2010

Murphy fest 2010

I recently got an e-mail from Charlie over at The Lifetime Topps Project. He said he could make a hit on the Prime 9 with a 1980 and 1983 Dale Murphy. He said he had also pulled a Tony Gwynn SP from 2010 Topps Update. With these cards a trade was born. Look who graced my mailbox yesterday:

Charlie didn't fail on the Tony either. This is an absolutely beautiful card:

Also inserted into this package was a stack of assorted Mariners needed for the super set. Some old some new.

 Every few cards continues to get me closer to someday collecting all the Mariners I need. Do you have some cards that can help? Please take a look here if you think you can. Anything helps. Thanks again to Charlie, and now I think I need to add the 1984 Topps Dale Murphy and the 1985 Topps Dale Murphy to the Prime 9.


  1. I have the 1985 Topps Dale Murphy in the pile of cards that have your name on them. I hope to get them out to you soon.

  2. Glad we could help each other out! I probably have some more cards on your superset list back at my parents house in Cincinnati, so maybe there's a trade in the future (distant future - not sure when I'll be home and have time to go through those older cards).