Sunday, November 7, 2010

Question of fandom

I have been thinking, is it fandom or obsession? A little insight into my borderline geek mind says I might be obsessed. I have in my spare time over the years, made spreadsheets. These chronicle the Mariners players and the numbers they wear. I have it broken down by the number itself, a year by year for each number, and an alphabetical list for players, coaches, and managers. I can tell you what numbers guys have worn in the playoffs, who our all-stars have been and where the game was. I also have listings of all the minor league affiliates since 1977 at all levels. I have details for all the managers with their years with the team and record managing. I have done a full list of all my San Jose Sharks too with complete stats for each player in each number they have worn, regular season and playoffs.

So I ask my fellow bloggers, AM I OBSESSED OR JUST A RABID FAN??


  1. Dude... I don't think you're obsessed or rabid... this is awesome. I actually would do the same thing as a kid, but with different statistics and in a notebook, instead of a computer.

    By the way... I didn't know you're a Sharks fan... I'm one too. Go Sharks go! Hopefully things are going to start turning around for them.

  2. Yeah, I'm with the commenter above. I think it's kinda awesome.

    I know I could spend a lot of time looking at something like that if I had it in front of me.

    Kudos to your fandom!

  3. Can you be an obsessed rabid fan?

  4. It's OK to be obsessed. I'm obsessed. I named my dog Shea. I'm a dog trainer, so dogs are HUGE in my life and I named MINE Shea. SHEA! I figure it's either this or heroin, sooooo...


  5. Of course it's an obsession! That's what makes it so great.