Thursday, October 14, 2010

You must choose one!!

I decided that now that the Championship Series start in a little over a day, I want to know of these four aces, which would you choose??  We all know that all four are great in their own right, but you must have some logic behind who you would want. I'm listing them in the order I would take them, but I want to hear your opinions.

1. Cliff Lee-  From what I saw of him in his short time in Seattle, this guy is just awesome.

Yes, I did use a pic of Cliff in a Mariner uni. Just trying to remember the good times.
2. Tim Lincecum- This kid hasn't even reached his full potential, but he has been great for the last three years.

3. Roy Halladay- He has been great for the Phils this year, and is finally getting recognition he didn't get in Toronto.

4 CC Sabathia- I know he can be great at times, but can also get knocked around pretty good at times.

1 comment:

  1. I'll go with Halladay. His current year is amazing, and nothing in his past worries me. Can't say the same about the other three.