Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thanks alot!!

A big thanks alot(stick in the eye and kick to the junk) to Topps. It seems that they signed an exclusive deal with Bryce Harper yesterday. We all know that means all the 2011 Topps products will be riddled with his stuff. Why can't they leave well enough alone and give us what we want. I know some people like to prospect, and some like the big hits. This kid is only now starting to get his feet wet in the Fall League. I know it has be all about the new guy, both he and Strasburg. Whatever happened to letting guys develop before the big hype? There are some of in the world that just want to collect a base set of cards from players in the league. I'm tired of a pack of cards being full of inserts and parallels and so on. I will still buy my share of cards next year, but this what we have to look forward to next year. YAY(can you feel the sarcasm?)!!

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