Saturday, October 2, 2010

I got nothin, how about them?

I really don't have anything lately that is too exciting to post. I thought it would be fun to look around at what other blogs are doing. There is some cool stuff in the last 24 hours. Here's a rundown:

The great Night Owl is receiving a mystery box and here is what he is expecting, but not hoping for.

Mark's Ephemera has decided to get in on the most wanted card craze. Here is his Elusive 8. Help him out if you can.

The great Play at the Plate is one year old and doing a contest that is as easy as pie. Give it a read, and get in the contest.

All About Cards has given us an informative how to on catching foul balls. Someday I'll catch one.

The informative Too Many Grandersons bought some 2009 Bowman. He got a card I would say is an EPIC FAIL!! Some cards are nice, but that one card...

Andrew over at Attic Insulation decided to show off some nice looking '62 Topps. I would love to own a couple of the cards he showed off.

One of the many bloggers that make cool customs is Mint Condition. Here is his latest creation.

Another great at customs is White Sox Cards. Here is his tribute to a retiring organist at Comiskey or whatever they call it now.

Congratulations to Can't Have Too Many Cards for post #500. Looks like there might be a contest coming out of it soon.

I'm sure there will be more great reading as the day goes on, but that's what I like so far.

It is college football Saturday, so I say GO BLUE!!

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