Saturday, October 23, 2010

My fellow bloggers..

I have decided to take a page from another blogger who is pretty smart. You may know Thorzul of Thorzul Will Rule. During the year this year, he has asked for the generosity of the readers to send him the cards to make series 1 and 2 of the Topps set this year. I would like to ask the same, but the only cards I really want are cards that say Mariners on the front. There is only 8 cards in this year's Update set for my lovable losers.
US19 Russell Branyan
US72 Milton Bradley
US103 Matt Tuiasosopo
US105 Chone Figgins
US130 Ichiro All Star
US138 Brandon League
US261 Jason Vargas
US262 Rob Johnson

If anyone is buying the new Topps cards and comes across these, or has extras let me know. I would like to have these cards to continue my pursuit of the super set(feel free to see if you can help). I am open to making trades for them, or will take charity cards.

As a side note, if anyone is opening Update and comes across this card:

Please think of me!! I would be willing to make a deal for this card.

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