Monday, October 25, 2010

The tradewinds blow my way

I recently had an offer from Scott of Smed's Baseball Card Blog. He was willing to send me some more Mariners cards, and some needs from the Super set. Here are a couple highlights from his box of goodies.

A couple cards from some players we all know.

A couple cards from some players we never knew.

A few more Gwynn's to add to the PC.

One of the creepiest cards I needed for the Super Set.
Dude, please button up your shirt. Also, why did we trade for you? We got hosed in that deal. Are you kidding me, Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek for you?? All these years later, Woody Woodward you still SUCK!!

Thanks again Scott, and your boxes of cards should be there any day. Sorry for being late on the return.


  1. Hey! I'm glad ya got them! That Suzuki was the only dice back I got, and have about 10 commons of some players. So I think that someone is hoarding all of the dice backs of the 2010 Heritage!

    The saddest thing is that you HAD Cliff Lee, but your offense was SO heinous that you had to trade him away.

    And why does the GM still have a job? When Dan Meyer and Leroy Stanton could make your team have issues.

    Take care!

  2. About that Alex Diaz, Larry, he definitely got the Mariners through. Funny you should comment, I just opened an 82 Topps pack and got a Dale Murphy. I assume since you don't have it on your want list, you already have it? If you don't, it's yours. And would you be interested in some Calgary Cannons from my CMC set? I think I forgot to ask you before.

  3. Slocumb's 1997 Topps card is like that too. Shirt open, flapping in the wind

  4. Hey Steve I could use the 82 Murphy. I could easily have Prime 9's for each player collection. I just listed the two Murphs because I love the design of those years. I always love to get Mariners minors cards. I will see if I can find some cards to try and compensate you for those. Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. I see Slocumb every year at a golf tournament that I volunteer for. Every year I start swearing under my breath for the absolute WORST trade ever. Heathcliff F. Slocumb. You can probably guess what his new middle intial is.