Monday, January 30, 2012

Who's going to buy it??

I have been thinking for a bit to decide the direction this year. As we all know, baseball card season is almost here. Granted, spring training doesn't start for another month but it's coming. As most collectors know, Topps again is the big dog on the block this year. I will soon be asking for your help in collecting the base Mariners that look like this here:

My decision is whether or not to collect this stuff this year?

I know that it something new and different. I also know that I collected 2010 Upper Deck Mariners even though they weren't an "authorized" baseball set. It was pretty easy many times on UD to see logos and figure out who's who. I'm not too sure I really want to collect this Panini set? If I don't will I kick myself for not putting it in the Super Set when people start loving this set?

What is your plan this year? Should I waste my time asking people to send any extra Panini this year? How long will Panini survive in the baseball market?


  1. I collect New York Mets cards. So if they don't have a Mets' logo or the team name somewhere on the card, I'm not all that interested.

    I will be surprised if any of the Panini cards find their way into my collection.

  2. With limited funds this year for baseball cards I don't know if I'll buy much of the Panini product, but I may track down a few different players for my PCs.

  3. Bought my first jumbo hobby box yesterday. It was a blast opening each pack.

  4. This is the kind of card I expect to get for FREE, when I open a box of cereal. I'm not paying good money for something that doesn't include team logos.

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