Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Faces from Old Places

Have you ever received random mail from another blogger? You haven't been working on any trades or anything. Suddenly a package or envelope shows up at your house. I had that happen to me just yesterday. A plain white envelope was in my mailbox. I thought I recognized the return address, and was kind of scratching my head not knowwing what it was. I seems that AJ of The Lost Collector decided I needed to have a card of each of the newest Mariners.

I was surprised to see these. While I will agree with AJ's hand written note that I hope the trade works out for both teams, I'm still bummed about it. I hope that all the "experts" are right that Jesus is going to be a stud. I'm starting to have my worries about him. I hope that Noesi can step in to big Mike's shoes in the rotation for the Mariners. I think I wouls still like one more pitcher like an Edwin Jackson or Roy Oswalt signing for us. I think one more good to above average bat would help too. I see the vision and the direction we are heading, it just seems like it's taking forever.

Big thanks again to AJ for some new Mariners in those god awful pinstriped Yankee uniforms. These guys will look better in Mariners colors, while poor Michael Pineda will now have to wear that dreaded NY.

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  1. Glad you got the cards. Monteros first deep bomb to right will make you forget Pineda pretty quickly. Good luck!