Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Player Collections

I thought it might be time to start a list of players that I collect. It's not long, but they are my favorites.

Tony Gwynn
Willie Stargell

Dale Murphy
Alvin Davis
Ryan Rowland-Smith

David Ortiz-For my Son
Nolan Ryan-For my Son


  1. I have a baseball card blog following a project I am doing to condense my card collection. I am taking the Topps cards and then adding any players from other sets who didn't have a Topps card to fill out the roster. It is located at ultimateset.blogspot.com.

    I am trying to link to team collectors from around the country so that maybe I can get info on regional issues. Today I made a list for the 1981 Mariners and made a link to this blog.

  2. Hey, I couldn't find an email for you... Wanted to introduce myself and talk about trading... Shoot me an email when you can. bacontowne at yahoooo dot com

  3. I have Tony Gwynn cards for you. email me your address at padrographs at live dot com

  4. Hey Mariner1,

    Got your message about the '69 Pilots. I would be up for a trade. I have your missing '11 Topps #252 and a '70 Topps #53 and I know I can find more Mariners for you. Can you e-mail me at heartbreakingcards@gmail.com about it?



  5. Hey Mariner 1 I have a few 2011 Bowman Mariner and auto if you are looking for it. Also a Willie Stargell jersey card.