Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trades in the mailbox

I recently got two packages in the mail, and I have to say that the people of this small world of bloggers are the best. First off, I had a trade going with the Moose of the GSNHOF. He was looking for the last card to complete a set of 89 Topps. I had it, but he got it somewhere else first. But I was able to help him nearly finish the Traded set and sent a whole bunch of 95 Topps he needed. That package should be to you Monday or Tuesday. He in turn sent me all kinds of Mariners from all years that weren't Topps cards(Start of a new project, with a big wantlist coming).

Second, I would like to send a big thanks to Chris of the Project '62. After I asked you guys if I should add the Pilots to the Mariners super set, he was nice enough to send me 8 cards from the 69 Pilots and 10 cards from the 70 Pilots set(another part of the new project). I am getting some more extra Cubs stuff together and it will be out to you in the next couple days. I am so thankful of the generosity of all you guys and ladies out there. Thank you again!!

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