Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mail Call!

I have been piling up a few trades and need to post some pictures. Not long ago, I sent an e-mail about some 88 Topps to Ed at Roll out the Barrel. I sent him a bunch of 88's and some Brewers card for his team sets. He in turn sent me some of my needs from 2010 Topps series 1.

Thanks to Ed, I'm getting close to finishing Series 1. Maybe I can get it done before Opening Day. He also decided to send some extra Mariners cards from different years.
Here is probably my favorite of the bunch:

What a nice Topps Chrome of the next Cy Young award winner, Felix Hernandez.
I wonder if I will get called by the feds for copyright infringement for posting and owning this card Ed sent me:

UH-OH! 2010 Upper Deck!!

I also recently had a trade with Mike at BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet. He was looking for some of the different insert sets from series 1. I was willing to send him a bunch that I had since I prefer the base cards and not all the inserts. He sent me the last three Mariners cards I needed for the binder to have the collection up to date.

Mike also was a generous person by sending a stack of Mariners cards.

Amongst the stack was some prospect love:
I think Carlos Truinfel and Greg Halman both have a future in the Majors. I surely hope that future is with the M's.

Mike also showed some old school Mariners love. These were the days I first started to like the team, and was ridiculed horribly for loving such a loser team. Last but not least, I got a comment from Howard in Georgia. He had two of my 2010's I needed, Bedard and Beltre. He offered to send them to me for nothing in return. I appreciate the generosity very much.I want to thank all the people that I've made trades with, and all the people that have followed and/or looked at my blog. I thought I would end up writing to myself.

I also want to extend a thanks to JayBee that runs the SportsCard Blogroll. I feel so honored to be on the list with so many other great blogs. I hope I can be half as good as some that are on there. Enjoy the day!

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