Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maybe, maybe not. What would you do??

Welcome to the opening of baseball season, ladies and gentlemen! As I'm sure everyone knows, I AM A PROUD MARINERS FAN!! I don't care that my team has been off the radar for 10 years, we are coming back to relevance. My lifelong goal has been to collect all the baseball cards for all the players to wear a Mariners uniform if they had a card. I currently am about 65 cards away from finishing this project that I thought about starting when I was about 14 during the 1985 season. All the bloggers I have met have been so generous to me in helping out, and I've done my fair share of damage in LCS's too. When I finish this thing hopefully early this baseball season, I will be a happy collector.

I have thought to myself, what would I want to do after I finish the Super Set. I have thought maybe I should work on some sets that mean something to me, or ones that I like the look of. I know that one of those sets is the second set I ever saw as a kid, in 1980 Topps. I bought plenty of 79's and finished off that beauty a few years ago and have started to blog about it, card by card. I will always love that set since it was my first, but my favorite as far as looks will always be the 1980 set. I also want to work on the 1982 Fleer set. I know it gets a bad rap because of the simplicity of the front, and the poor photography. I'm not thinking of it for the big rookie cards, but for some reason the look of the cards just is what I like.

One set that I hadn't even thought about before is calling my name lately. I recently was at one of the LCS's that I don't often frequent, they are more about Magic cards and high price autos and RC's. They had stacks and stacks of 5000 count boxes of some good cards, and a bunch of junk. I was looking through some of them so see what I could find. One of the guys said if I found something I could start to mix and match the box to my liking. My first thought was go for the vintage. There was some here and there, but wasn't to take the time to look at every card in about 25 of those big boxes. I would see some 70's here and there, and would think those are for me. If I saw anything that was before 1987 it was in there too. I still ended up with a boatload of junk wax, but all in all I was fairly happy to walk out with about 4000 cards for $10.

After hitting the dentist yesterday, I had time to stop at Target before getting to my son's first scrimmage baseball game of the season. I've seen quite a few of you talk about the $15 big boxes that that they are selling from Fairfield. I know there was going to be about three or four vintage cards. A worthless relic(Johnny Estrada in Braves uni but a Brewers logo), a Yankee Stadium patch, a ton of coins, and maybe a few cards. I went for one just to see if I could get some good out of it. After looking through it, I have found what I think will the third set I will probably end up collecting. If you get a bunch of cards from this set in two different times is it a sign? Would you build this set if you could?:

These aren't my cards, but I took it from the Internet so you could get an idea of the set I'm thinking of collecting

I haven't even figured out what I have or what cards I need, but I wanted to see what everyone think of the last set that Topps did before we hit the overproduction era of 1987. Does the black top and simple lettering of the team name do anything for you, or is it just blah? Is this a sign of fate that I should build this set? Once I have sat down and started to figure out which cards I have and need I will start put it out there. The good news for me, is if I collect this set there is already a great blog out there about the 1986 Topps set . He can do the write ups and I will collect them.

Welcome to the start of the 2013 season. I can only say GO M's!!


  1. I like the set. And I always say that you have to have at least one project going to make life interesting so I say go for it. It's really not a huge challenge to complete and what's more fun than getting a PWE with two or three off your want list?

    I vote 'Go For It'

  2. I like this set. This was back in my "buy the set and forget it" era. I am enjoying the blogs

  3. The garage sale find Ive been posting about had a ton of those. You post a list and ill kill it myself.

  4. This was the first set that I ever got boxes of. I see alot of appreciation for this set, and I just think "eh, boring" I have a ton of extras.

    I totally agree with you about the 1982 Fleer. That was the first set that I ever really ought packs for. I'm now about 10 cards away from that one.

  5. chase away, dude. chase away.

    i dig that set's design myself.

  6. I've got plenty of '80 and '86 Topps and some '82 Fleer. Send me an email at with what you need and I'll see what I can knock off for you.

  7. I can do some major damage on helping you with this set. Will look for the list.

  8. Chase it!

    Personally, I love it - the '86 Doug Corbett was my first card. BUt even without the sentimentality, I think it's a fun, simple, "baseball card" design.

    Good luck!

  9. Appreciate this set a lot more than I did at the time, as a distracted 16 year old. It's the current set under discussion at

    It's definitely a set I can help you build. I'm trying to get things sorted so I know exactly what I have and need, and I'll definitely keep you in mind. Thanks for adding my other blog

    to your blog list. I've done the same for you. I'll be reading. Peace.