Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inching closer

As you may or may not know there is so many ways to connect via social medias in this day and age. One man that has hooked up with me through Facebook continually finds cards and sends them to my mailbox. Yesterday brought another package from Tom and held another 30 cards I needed for the Super Set.

The amazing thing is he is working off a checklist from my blog that he printed last June!! With the cards that are now in my collection, I am so excited to know that I only need 101 Mariners cards to finish off this project that I have been working on since I started collecting Mariners cards more than 25 years ago. I hope that some of the great bloggers that are receiving cards from Series 1 from me will help knock that number to double digits! Could I actually complete the 3400+ card Super Set by the end if the season or maybe the All-Star break? I know if you guys have your way it will get done and that's why I love my fellow writers!!

Just to let everyone that asked for cards from the free box from Topps, they went out today and most all should be to you on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I hope everyone is ready for the regular season like I am!!


  1. Screw cards - send me some of them cookies.

    1. Google images will bring up some good stuff for Mariner logo images. I like the cookies but would be so happy if I somehow make those last 100 cards come home.