Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm a Fan-attic and Facebook comes through again!!

Yesterday was a productive day around my house. I was able to do a ton of yard work like mowing, and getting moss killer on the grass. My wife was cleaning the inside of the house, so I was gone to wash cars. Next comes the standard w need to go to the grocery store. Not really my favorite trip, but I do like to eat. As we come home, I stop for the mail and she starts tossing stuff at me saying "it's all for you." In all reality, only half was for me. The first thing is find is a nice little PWE from Jeff. If you don't know him, he is the new man behind the Fan-Attic Sports Card Blog. He sent me the last 1994 UD card I needed, only to find I guess I didn't need it because I can't find any Mariners on it, except on the back for stats. Don't you hate when you've needed a card for forever and then find out it wasn't one that fits your collection?

What was I thinking? I guess I need to quit trusting the internet when it tells me I need a card

 He also sent me a 94 Score of Bosio's no no to finish that year, and another 95 Score of Bobby Ayala to inch that one closer too. Thanks Jeff!!

Not to let it end there, I also got another fat package from a friend on Facebook. I have never met Thomas before, but he randomly sends me mailers that might have a couple cards, or yesterday's fat pack of want list goodness! There were all kinds of Mariners I needed for the Super Set. The best part of the big pile of goodness was the Angels in the desert he sent my way! There was a stack of 26 Angels that were all on the want list. I never really thought about this side project when I first started it, but it's getting closer too!
Just some of the Palm Springs goodness that came!!
Thanks to Jeff and Thomas, I am getting closer to finishing the Mariners. I think I can do it before the All Star break without having to buy them online with the help of so many great bloggers that I've traded with over the years who are always willing to help out! I'm down to needing 1card to finish off Score, Do you have this one to spare?:

I can't find a picture of it anywhere, but does anyone have a 1998 Upper Deck #3 of Jay Buhner?? That would be the last card I need to finish off Upper Deck too. I can't believe that those two cards would finish off two makers and leave me with Donruss and Fleer to go. I don't know why Fleer have been a thorn in my side and still needs almost 50 cards to finish them off.

Big thanks to both collectors for the help, and if you have any of the cards I need in the lists on the right side over there, let me know if you can help out!!

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  1. i have the exact same Dave Magadan in the 80th page of my Marlins book,get it!!! love the blog check mine out