Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Time Timmy Jim

First off, I would like to congratulate my son on being only 1 of 2 boys in the 7th grade to made the varsity squad of his middle school baseball team. It is quite an accomplishment considering the talent of the other guys on the team. Secondly, since our trip to San Francisco and doing more pitching for his school team he has been studying pitchers. While he is a fan of Nolan Ryan, Felix Hernandez, and Jonathan Papelbon, he has found his new favorite. He wants to pitch like a local kid, The Freak.

Tim Lincecum
While I haven't gone through my cards yet to see what I have of Tim for him, I will try to make a list soon of cards needed to make him a happy fan.


  1. So long as all he wants to do is pitch like Timmy. Smokin' like Timmy is another matter altogether.

  2. The lack of bathing gets a little dicey as well.