Sunday, September 4, 2011

Agony and Ecstasy

I must admit the ecstasy of seeing a new park was great. The fans around us couldn't have been nicer. The public transportation to and from AT&T Park was pretty much a breeze too. I really did enjoy the look and the feel of the park. A bit breezy at times, but I was prepared and wasn't cold.

The agony was to find out on Saturday that the kid we saw in Seattle, and is a two time Cy Young winner was pitching, but wasn't sharp. Lincecum did what he could to keep his team in it, but his offense didn't help. While I would have liked to see the Giants win and continue to gain ground on the D-Backs, they couldn't pull it out and remain 6 games back in the division.

Since we get home late tonight and I have to work tomorrow, I will try to get up some pictures of the sights from the ballpark in a few days.
Thanks again to the Giants and their fans for a great experience!!

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