Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Red-headed step child of a trade

I know the title sounds bad. It got you here though didn't it. I'm actually finally getting up some of the goodies I recently got in a trade with Cam from Reds and More... Cam was looking for team collectors, and how could I say no to some more M's cards. I sent him my Reds cards, and I received a great, expansive collection of cards, new and old.

Some cards had guys that were here a very short time. One was very good, the other not so much. Obviously the one card Cliff is photo shopped. Do you see the Indians player in the background with a gray uniform? That's not an M's uni.

A minor league card from a kid that had promise, and a couple of a kid that will be up soon to show his potential. This Pineda kid could be the real deal, watch for him in 2011.

A couple of new cards for the PC of the Big Aussie. This year has been a disaster for Ryan. I'm hoping for a bounce back year next year.

How could a trade be complete without a fancy card. A nice Sweet Spot Dual with King Felix.

Thanks again to Cam, and head over and give him a read. I think you will be happy that you spent some time on his blog.

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