Sunday, September 26, 2010

Highlight finds

I stopped by a local card store on Friday to pick up some supplies. When I got there they had a sign outside that said Vintage Card Blowout Sale. That got me excited. I go in and find that the vintage stuff is boxes and sets from 1988-1991. WOW, is that considered vintage now?? Anyways, all the "vintage " boxes and sets were $9.95, buy 5 get 1 free. How could I pass up that kind of deal? One of the boxes I bought was an 1989 Bowman box. I was able to pull cards for some of my player collections: Tony Gwynn, Dale Murphy, and Alvin Davis. The genius behind the counter says, "the 89 Bowman is the way to go. If you can pull a few of the Griffey rookies, you'll make your money back. They book at $8 a piece." First off, I'm not looking to make a fortune here, and who goes by book value? I was hoping for my players I like and maybe some Mariners to add to the pile. I did end up pulling one of these:

Is this the beginning of the road to millions?? If any one has some needs from 89 Bowman, I might be able to help, they are available for any Mariners that could help on the super set.

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  1. God, that thing is so "bleh" compared to the Upper Deck card. But, it's still nice in it's own right, and a Griffey rookie nonetheless.