Thursday, September 2, 2010

How could I say no...

As I posted last night, my son and I got a chance to go to the AAA Tacoma Rainiers game last night. Tonight's game is the last at Cheney Stadium as we have known it. After tonight it will start being gutted and have about $30 million worth of upgrades. Not bad for a stadium that is 50 years old.

Anyways, because my wife got the tickets for free, I told myself I wouldn't spend any money last night. WRONG!! As we walked by the little team store the sign in the window said CLEARANCE 30% OFF all merchandise. How could I not look for some cards? I was able to pick up the 2008, 2009, and 2010 team sets. Before the game, my son stood by the dugout and got some autographs, including guys like Ryan Rowland-Smith, Justin Smoak, and Dustin Ackley, way too cool!! While reading the program last night, I found in there that if the Rainiers make the playoffs, the Mariners have made Safeco Field available the first round dates. How cool is that? Alright, pictures of cards:

Quite a few guys that have made the majors...

Even more that have made it, and some that haven't

Not too often that you see the coaches get their own cards

Wow, the trainer, play by play guy, and the mascot

Why give the mascot one card when he can have two??

Alot of last year's call ups...

I seen a lot of these names in Seattle

All these and a checklist too!!

I've seen a few too many of all these guys this year

I do have to say that they do have good photos

At least we found a temporary manager down in Tacoma

I guess everybody loves the reindeer mascot, 2 cards again this year

In the end, a fun night even though they lost. There is something cool about minor league baseball in a small park.

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