Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swing and miss...

Have you ever put so much work into one of your personal collections that you are proud of yourself? You know that you have done research, made spreadsheets, and always have your checklists and want lists in order. For some reason as you read all the great blogs out there, you see something that you don't remember. I just did that the other day, and my world was turned upside down. I was reading the great Night Owl as I always do, and in part two of his report to the card show I saw a card that struck me.

This my friends is 1977 Topps #478. I never knew that this card contained a "Mariner" aka Dave Johnson. I thought I had 1977 all done and wrapped up in the binder long ago. Now I guess it is time again to try and find time in an already busy life to sit and re-check my collection. I wonder and hope there aren't many more cards that I missed. I guess that one card won't make too much of a difference since I only need 277(?) Mariners cards to have all the base and traded series from all five makers for my favorite team.


  1. This kind of thing gives me nightmares. Well, not really nightmares, but I do kind of wonder if I made a checklist and accidentally marked a card as "have". Every now and then I get a card in a trade and go to put it home, and - I've already got the card. I'd be naive to think that the reverse hasn't happened at least once.

  2. The exact same thing has happened to me at least half a dozen times. ... I need to stop reading blogs!

  3. Have you checked out all the variations on the o-pee-chee site?