Sunday, April 22, 2012

Perfect in Pale

If you are a child of the 80's like me, you remember Pretty in Pink, right? Yesterday a tiny bit of the country got to see the "Perfect in Pale Hose." It was an awesome sight to watch my Mariners be on the wrong side of history at Safeco Field. While I agreed with most of the parents at my son's second game last night that you never want it to come against you, it is still an amazing sight. I didn't share their feeling of wanting to see it end before he was able to get the perfecto. This has only happened now 21 times in 10's of thousands of games, it is rare air people!

I was very honored that the 22,472 lucky people to be in the stadium yesterday did the right thing in the 8th and 9th innings. Even though our team was losing, they recognized history was being made and got behind Philip Humber. While you are a Mariner fan first, you are also a baseball fan and are honored to see something like that when it comes along. I know that the three of us had to listen to the 9th inning in the car to make his game, but all of us were nervous in the car without being able to see it. I've watch the video, did Brendan Ryan check his swing? I don't know, maybe. Do you honestly think any umpire wants to go through what Jim Joyce did when he cost Armando Gallaraga his perfect game after 26 outs, I think not.

Good to see the fans getting pictures of history, and getting behind an opposing player

I surely hope that the M's can get up off the mat today and do a little better. I can't say enough congratulations to Philip Humber though. I was a nice way to spend a couple hours on a Saturday to watch something that doesn't come along very often.


  1. Great post! What a feat indeed. Love hearing these kinds of stories... especially about the fans.

  2. It's not easy to give props to the opposing team. Nice post.

  3. I would trade a finger off my left hand just to see a no-hitter taken into the 8th with no promises about the eventual outcome. I've been lucky enough to have been to well over a 100 MLB games, and even Game 1 of the 2006 World Series, but have never seen a pitcher go past the 5th a no-hitter (much less a Perfect Game) intact.

    I am extremely jealous. You got to see something you can't buy in advance on stubhub.