Sunday, June 6, 2010

I still love Teal!!

Even though the Mariners took a whooping yesterday, you have to love the throwbacks to the '95 season. I really like when a team gets it right for both teams. Not only did the Mariners have the hats and helmets with the teal bills, they also decked out the Angels in the correct unis, including batting helmets. Nice move Mariners.


  1. The strangest thing for me was that they did a throwback to 1995. Not the 70's or the 80's. Freakin' 1995! It made me feel so old.

  2. The sad thing is many people around here didn't care about the Mariners until '95 happened. They did do a throwback to the Pilots a few years ago, and they have also done a 1977 and 1989 throwback. I'm still waiting for a throwback to about 1984 with the double knit polyester pullover unis.