Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome, baby!!

I know that all the baseball "experts" are saying that the Mariners will have to trade him soon. I really want to hold on to him until the end of the year. If we were to make any kind of run in the next couple of months, we will definitely need him. Look at his numbers: 11 starts, a 6-3 record, 86 2/3 innings, a 2.39 ERA, and a 76 to 4 walk to strikeout ratio. He has also thrown 4 complete games, and a shutout. I'm sorry, but unless you are trading me Lincecum, Pujols, and Heyward for Cliff Lee, I'm not interested. I do know that trade would never happen, but I can dream. Here's to hoping Cliff stays round for a while. Let's go M's, beat those Cubs today with "King Felix" on the mound.

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