Thursday, June 14, 2012

Definitely not HOF'ers...

It is sad to say that probably is no one close to having even a sniff of the Hall of Fame in this Mariners lineup. These guys are more schizophrenic than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They have had a perfect game against them at home, scored 21 runs against the Rangers, just threw a no hitter at the Dodgers, and now this. That's right, they lost a Felix Hernandez start to the Padres, and get shut out last night for two losses in a row to a lowly team in the San Diego Padres (sorry Padres fans for the description).

I'm sure you see this and think this guy is a HOF'er, and he is. The reason why I took his picture is it is being used by our friend Matthew at Number 5 Type Collection. His blog has hit the 4 year mark and he is holding a contest. Click on the name of his blog to go there. While I admit I don't pimp too many contests because everybody does it and the blog world get overrun with pimp posts. I wanted to rant about the Mariners first anyways.

Also, for all of those who didn't stay up or were in bed out east, a big Congratulations to Matt Cain. Matt threw the first perfect game in Giants history last night. It was fun to flip back and forth to watch him pitch last night. It is a nice sight to see for the faithful that brave the weather at AT&T Park. Way to go to Matt Cain and the Giants!

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  1. Losing a series to the Padres isn't something to be embarrassed about! This is our... 4th series win of the season... ok, maybe a little embarrassed. We've also taken series from the Brewers, Rockies, and the Angels. I might faint if we get the sweep tonight! Here's hoping!
    Sorry for your loss.