Sunday, April 21, 2013

He was here??

Do you ever start do some poking around on the Internet about your team and find a nugget? While I was doing my research for the 1979 Topps blog I came across a name I forgot was even on the team.

In the start of the 2008 there was hope the M's would start to turn their fortunes around. We didn't have any big time players except one that was full of himself, but he's in New York now. One guy that was here in the start of that season saw time in 6 games before he and Brad Wilkerson were DFA'd in May of 2008. I forgot that Greg Norton was even a Mariner. He was sent to Atlanta for a guy that never left AA and has played in Mexico for the last 3 years. I might have to sit down and find how many guys would play maybe 10 or 20 or a small number of games for the team and see if any names sound familiar.

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