Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's a head scratcher...

Have you ever gone through your boxes of cards and said what is this?? I was going through some of my boxes of junk cards looking for some cards to send out soon and came across a couple that made wonder about. Our first specimen is this fine 1998 Topps offering of Jeff Montgomery.

I'm not totally sure where Topps was going with this except that Jeff is a closer so as a "fireman" he needs an extinguisher? I thought those guys had trucks and big hoses, not that little thing.

The next one was also a Kansas City Royal. The funny thing is, that I never remember Gibby being with the Royals. I present to you Kirk Gibson in all his 1992 Donruss glory as a Royal.

This lead me to look up his career to see how long I missed him being in KC. Turns out it was only 1991, but did you know that he also played for a short time in 1992 with the Pirates? Here's the proof:

courtesy of bing images
 I'm sure I'll find more later on, but I thought somebody might get a chuckle out of these.


  1. Of course, Jeff Montgomery has a firetruck and a hose also. :-) They just didn't show it on THAT card.

  2. Completely forgot he played for either team.

  3. He's running so fast in that second picture, his toupee fell off.