Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's that time...

I'm sure you all have run out the stores and have found all kinds of Update cards to your heart's delight. Sometimes out here in the Northwest, things move at a different pace. Yes the LCS's have them, but good luck trying to find it anywhere else. Since the new series is out and I continue to not want hundreds more cards that I don't want or need cluttering up my life, I once again ask for your help. The Mariners have 9 cards featured n the Update set this year. I need these cards to add to the Mariners Super Set that is getting closer to completion.

US18 Tom Wilhelmsen
US84 Eric Thames
US90 Michael Saunders
US92 Chone Figgins
US187 John Jaso
US204 Jesus Montero
US236 Lucas Luetge
US245 Erasmo Ramirez
US303 Kevin Millwood

Good luck to the eight teams remaining in the playoffs, and thanks in advance for helping me get these cards in the binder. Also, if you have extra Mariners cards laying around, I do need about 200 cards still to fill out the Super Set. Just look them up by maker over on the right, and maybe we can work out a deal so I can finish off all the binders someday. Thanks again!!

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  1. Hi,
    I am new to card collecting and have happened upon a Felix Hernandez 2011 Opening Day blue border. I am looking to gauge interest in it and happened upon your blog.