Thursday, July 8, 2010

Words can't explain it...

I have given up try to figure this team out. I'm tired of wondering why the bullpen can't do their job. I don't understand how you let the flippin' Royals come into your park and sweep you!! How do you walk the first two guys in the 8th, and then the guy is trying to bunt them over, and you give up a three run jack??!! I know that it doesn't help that we can't score, but when you have the lead, SLAM THE DOOR!!If any team wants Brandon League, I'll trade you for a pack of baseball cards, and some sunflower seeds. Thank you


  1. I had actually picked the Mariners to win the AL West. Unfortunately, theres not a lot of offense on this club.

    I was supposed to have made my yearly visit to the greater Seattle area and see my Yankees play your Mariners on the 11th. I love going up to Safeco to watch a game as it's one of baseball most beautiful ballparks.

  2. That's funny you would be going to that game. I will be there for the Sunday game. Too bad you won't be there, or I would say hi to you.

  3. Yeah, unfortunately, work comes first. I do love the Seattle area and am looking to make a move there from NY in the next year. I have family in Bremerton so I may look to move there.