Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who would you vote for??

After watching King Felix dazzle again last night with another brilliant performance, the announcers kept saying he could win the Cy Young. I know that I might be a biased fan, but tell me why he couldn't win it? If you look at his numbers, the only numbers he isn't near the league lead in is wins. I know in the old day is was all about wins, but would that keep you from voting for him? I figure because of his name and the team he plays for, CC Sabathia will win it this year. Look at a simple comparison of their numbers:
           Felix        CC

W-L   12-11     19-6
Games   32          31
ERA     2.35       3.03
CG         5             2
SHO      1             0
IP       233.2     217.0
Hits      187         181
Runs     78           81
ER        61           73
BB        64           68
K's       222         179
Avg.    .216        .236
WHIP  1.07        1.18
Quality   26          20

The numbers that I think are very telling is that Felix has made 17 starts in which the Mariners have scored 3 of fewer runs for him, going 3-11. CC on the other hand has made only 6 starts that the Yankees have scored 3 or less going 1-4 in those games. If the Mariners could score some runs for him once in a while, he would be up there in the win column too.

If you break down the numbers Felix leads or is in the Top 3 in all categories. So, if a guy pitches like a stud, but plays on a bad team that can't score runs for him, can he win the award? Or do you give it to the guy with the bigger name and plays on a team that can buy the best players? I hope the voters do the right thing. Who would you vote for??? I want to give you a Cy Young vote, who gets in the AL this year??


  1. Do you REALLY have to ask? We're not baseball writers, so we KNOW it Felix.

    btw, how's your Twins pile stacked up? I need to find a home for the Mariners cards here, once a couple current trades get completed...

  2. Can I give it to Clay Buchholz? I'm cool with anyone other than CC.

  3. Why is this question even being asked, I do not understand. The CY Young should not automatically go to the best pitcher on the best team. It goes to the best pitcher period and pitching is largely individual.

    Felix is better in every measure except wins. He gives a lower ERA, pitched more innings, more K's, lower batting average. Is it any question?

    Oh.... wait I forgot CC plays in New York and Felix plays in Seattle. I guess we gotta win 116 games for our individuals to get the attention the deserve.

  4. Don't automatically say that voters always vote for New Yorkers for the award and ignore the West.

    Remember in the Joe Torre era only A-Rod won the MVP while Griffey Jr, A-Rod (with Texas), Juan Gone, Vlad, Giambi, Pudge, Tejada and Ichiro all won the MVP out west.

    Remember voters voted for Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer over Derek Jeter.

    And who has more Cy Youngs?
    Bartolo Colon or Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina and Mariano Rivera.

    The idea that there is a PRO New York bias for awards is a nice theory but not backed up by things like "facts" or "reality."

    I think CC might win but only because he has 20 wins.

    Then again, in 2007 Josh Beckett was the only 20 game winner in the AL. And because he was a Red Sox player, obviously the East Coast bias was going to give HIM the Cy Young right?

    Nope. It went to Sabathia in Cleveland.

    The East Coast bias is there in Media coverage, but not for awards.