Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tops of the Topps 2001-2005

Here we are with the next to last post of the tops of Topps. Don't worry, I will trying my hand at the other big makers after Topps. There could be some begging during those posts if the cards I pick are cards I don't own, but need for the Super Set. Anyways, let's start on a high and work our way to losing teams.

2001 Rickey Henderson
Rickey says, " You will pick Rickey's card because Rickey is on it. Everyone loves Rickey, including Rickey. Isn't that right Rickey?"

2001 Traded Ichiro Suzuki/ Albert Pujols
A card of two MVP's, all stars, and future Hall of Famers together. Simple beauty.

2002 Playoff Bound AL West winners
The night this game happened at Safeco was a very heart touching game. The decision to honor the fallen, instead of champagne bathes was great on the team's part.

2002 Traded J.J. Putz
The first sight of the future closer with the nasty fastball. It is sad to see how far he fallen since leaving Seattle.

2003 Lou Piniella
" Look guys, I know we won't win 116 every year, but let's play a little better. Fine then I'm going to Tampa and working with the D-Rays. Have fun without me..."

2003 Traded Rey Sanchez
How far and how quickly does a team sink when they think the answer might be Rey, Rey, Rey? This downward slope is a steep one, here comes the nose dive.

2004 Scott Spiezio
So because you had one good post season, the brain trust in the front office signs you? Thanks alot Bill Bavasi, you were a bumbling idiot(see 2006 draft, first round).

2004 Traded Matt Tuiasosopo
How many people can pronounce Matt's last name?? It is Two-e-ah-so-so-po. If that's too hard, just call him Tui. This famous family had dad and two of his brothers in the NFL, and Matt in MLB.

2005 Bucky Jacobsen
The half season wonder that took the Northwest by storm. He was one of the few highlights on a dismal team. Unfortunately, he didn't make it and has since retired form baseball.

2005 Traded Pokey Reese
How does a guy that only played in spring training in 2005 get a card in this set and 2006's base set? He never even played a regular season game for the Mariners. Another wasted signing of an old veteran.

This brings us to our last post of Topps. The next round will be cards that everyone knows being that they are the most recent. Thanks for reading along, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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