Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tops of the Topps 1996-2000

Here we are with post #200. Time to look at back at some of the most winningest years in Mariner history. Our next go round will have the winningest team in baseball history. Let's see what the late 90's have in store for us.

1996 Randy Johnson
Does the sight of a Big Unit slider coming right at you, scare you? It kind of freaks me out. Hello Mr. Snappy.

1997 Prospects Jim Bonnici
One of these things is not like the other...We all know the mayor in Casey, we all remember Dmitri, who and what the hell happened to Jim??

1998 Jamie Moyer
The sweet form of the ageless wonder. I hope he can recover and get to 300 wins, and maybe pitch until he's 50.

1999 Ken Griffey Jr.
Looks like connection to another homer. While I never was one of his biggest fans, he did have a beautiful swing.

1999 Traded Sean Spencer
Sean looks a little overwhelmed in spring training. I think he is excited to see all the stars. Not often you see a pitcher with a single digit on his back.

2000 Mike Cameron
Hello, I will be the one to replace an icon in center field. It didn't take long to wow the fans in the first home game robbing Jeter of a home run.

2000 Traded Mark McLemore
Mr. Everything. This guy kept a team together. I'm surprised a team hasn't offered him a coaching job. He is a great clubhouse guy.

Soon to come another five years of Topps beauty? Who will we see next?

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